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Our products are supported by unmatched technical assistance from a staff of all ASE certified technicians. The same qualified technicians who help design our products are available to answer customer questions from application to installation. This provides great value to the end user and the counterperson assisting with the correct product selection. All of our products also include easy-to-read, detailed instructions in English, French and Spanish.


Not only do we pride ourselves in having the most knowledgeable technicians ready to answer your questions, but we also stand by our convenient methods of getting the help you need.

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Even though diagnosing your vehicle can be easy and sometimes even fun, it is important to remember you can never be too careful when tooling around under the hood. Here are some basic safety tips to remember when working on your vehicle.

  • Do repair work outdoors or if working in a garage, make sure the garage door is open and the area is well-ventilated.

  • When working on your car, check that the parking brake is on, the vehicle is in park or in neutral and the engine is off, unless it must be running to complete the work.

  • Make sure the engine is cold before beginning work on your vehicle to avoid getting burned when you touch the parts.

  • Never smoke while working on your vehicle.

  • Removed jewelry, ties and scarfs, and wear suitable clothing and protective eyewear when working on a vehicle.

  • If you jack-up your car, make sure the wheels are blocked to prevent accidental rolling.

  • Use insulated tools for all electrical work.

  • Keep fire extinguishers and other safety devices close to the work area, in case of an emergency.


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